Top 10 Reasons Diversity Is Good For The Boardroom

- Mike Myatt, Forbes Contributor

" I do quite a bit of work on matters of board composition, selection and succession, and what I can tell you is this; board diversity is simply smart business.

You'll never hear me recommend diversity solely for the sake of checking a box, but when diversity in the boardroom offers so many benefits to the CEO (and to the entire organization) it's nothing short of irresponsible for chief executives not to place their board composition under the microscope. In today's column I'll share with you the top 10 reasons why diversity is good for the boardroom."

1. It reflects the real world - something every company should be sensitive to.

2. Healthy debate can lead to better decisions.

3. Divergent backgrounds mean tackling the same idea in differing ways.

4. Great ideas come from disruption of the status quo.

5. Your clients and customers are diverse.

6. This can make your company knowledgeable and sensitive to a wider variety of groups.

7. Counsel from a variety of authorities is sensible.

8. Setting an example at the top will hopefully have a trickle-down effect within the organization.

9. Improved reputation and brand.

10. A variety of backgrounds can make the company more adaptable to its ever changing environment.



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